We accept most insurance carriers.

Please have your card with you at the time of each visit. You are responsible for the co-pay at the time of each visit. Our office checks the eligibility of your insurance two weeks before and the morning of your appointment. If the insurance becomes ineligible, we will call you to see if it needs to be updated.

If at any time, you and your family are found to be without health insurance, we will continue to see your child, if sick. During a period that your child has no health insurance, we will call to ask if you would like to reschedule your well-care visit to a future date or be fully responsible for the entire cost of the visit.

If you need help accessing health insurance for your child or family, please ask for assistance. We can provide you with information on where and how to access health insurance.


Per the insurance carriers, it is the subscriber's responsibility to ensure a referral has been processed prior to the appointment. Please call your primary care office to request a referral and make sure it has been sent to the provider/specialist. You must call to request the referral, whether we refer you, or you self-refer.

Our office needs the following information in order to generate a referral;
  • The provider/specialist's complete name
  • The provider/specialist's National Provider ID number (NPI)
  • The provider/specialist's phone number
  • The appointment date (if already scheduled)
  • The reason for the appointment.
This information can be gathered by calling the office of the provider/specialist.

Online Bill Payment

If you would like to Pay Your Bill Online, please follow the link and click "Make A Payment." You will need your account number and some demographic information. Inquiries about specific bills or balances should be addressed by calling our office and speaking with the Office Manager Chris.

Online Bill Payment Link

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